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   Commonplace Technology
  Can Save Money, Headaches

Check out how much your company is using simple technology faxes, e-mail and voice mail to save time, work and money.

Consider the pizza parlors and sushi restaurants that take orders on fax machines or the bookstore that lets you

Boost Sales and Credibility with Toll-Free Contact 

While you are considering how to build your business through technology, have you overlooked the obvious?

Research shows that merely having a toll- free number increases consumer confidence. It gives the impression that your business is larger and more stable than competitors who do not have toll-free contacts.

What else does a toll-free number do for your business?

  • It lets customers inquire about your products and services at no risk to themselves.
  • It shows your customers that you care about their convenience.
  • It makes your company "local" to potential customers anywhere in the country.
  • e-mail your orders. The point is that technology saves time, reduces human error and eliminates the need for someone to take orders over the phone.

    One large wholesale parts company takes customer orders by voice mail 24 hours a day. Since there's no operator, the company can fill orders cheaper and faster than its competitors and delivery trucks roll out first thing in the morning
    Faxes and e-mails can also be efficient because time isn't wasted on social greetings, small talk and waiting to be connected.

    Use e-mail or your fax machine whenever practical no mail delays and you save the cost of stamps and envelopes. And, of course, e-mailing costs nothing.

    For additional savings, send long-distance and overseas faxes at night to cut your phone bill. At the same time you will be overcoming some of the problems caused by time differences.

    Here are a few more cost-effective ways you can use your fax and e-mail:

  • Customer billing
  • Pre-approve draft bills
  • Credit approvals
  • Ordering supplies
  • Direct mailings. One caveat about using faxes and e-mails for direct mailing: before you send out unsolicited faxes or e-mails, be sure you limit your mailing list to recipients with whom you have existing business relationships. Also be sure that your communications include contact information on the first page, and an opt-out feature recipients can use to remove themselves from your list.

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